Tim writes for Neptune’s Kingdom:

“I came across this band by chance. My friend Josh, who I’ve known for the past 15 years, well I follow him on Instagram and I noticed one day he posted something that looked like it had some substance to it. Slightly ambiguous, and said ‘link in my bio’. I clicked the link and it sent me to a page describing this band, their sounds, and two of their members being a part of a fairly big thing in the indie rock scene. It also left me with a video to view. I pressed play, and it sent me to a whole other place. Spacey, dreaming, soothing, and beautiful would be words to describe my first impression. As the song ended, I wanted more and I wanted to discover more. It was a short while later I put the pieces together that my friend actually plays drums in this band!

“Last weekend my friend Ryan and I attended the 20th Street Block Party in the Mission District in San Francisco. It’s a wonderful street fair with tons of people, great atmosphere, really good food and yes, great music. Luckily, Josh’s band, Fine Points, happened to be playing the Block Party while we were visiting! They were going to play around 2:40, so we had lunch around the main stage area. As we finished our fine sandwiches and orange flavored Pellegrino, we noticed the previous band had finished taking down their equipment. It was 2:40 and Josh was nowhere in sight. Josh is a tall lanky dude, and easily spotted. I couldn’t see my friend, so we jetted over to this little food truck-looking thing that we saw when we headed into the block party earlier, but this food truck was actually a mobile music venue. The jams were already going as we got there halfway through their first song.

“I purchased their record on iTunes a few weeks back because it’s good to support the artist in any way, shape, or form. I’d been listening to their songs, and really enjoying them, even if it was just on my phone. As I listened in awe, and was magically swept away by their guitar tones and beautiful lyrics, I felt like I was on a cloud. And no, I wasn’t high or taking any sort of psychedelics (even though I was in SF and it would be appropriate…those days are done). The songs: spot on. The tones: KILLER. And the musicianship and chemistry? Right where they should be. After being confined to listening to these songs only on my phone, and now hearing them live was just too special. Although they don’t have an excessive amount of material, that’s ok. Seven songs is good enough for me, AND keeps me hungry for more.

“We saw Josh after the gig, and he was pumped that we attended and checked out his band. I scored a cassette tape and CD from him. Ryan got the CD as well, and needless to say both of us have been listening to this record on repeat. The stereo sounds are fantastic, and every time I listen to it, it takes me back to that foggy day in SF and the gig that I will forever remember. I wish these fine gentlemen nothing but the best on their musical journey. So please, go find their record, attend a gig if you can. These dudes rule! They are FINE POINTS.